Six Weird Things About Brother Causticus

Brother Causticus emerges reluctantly from the golden silence of his Lenten blog fast only at the behest of Saint Pat, who has importuned him to reveal "six weird things" about himself. Laying aside the preposterous proposition that anything about BC is other than that which is decent and in order, BC will, in joyous resurrection spirit, yield to a certain jocular impulse and offer his dear readers the following pensees as a means to further fellowship, mindful always that an unseemly slip into overweening self-regard is a perilous possibility in any such undertaking. Kyrie eleison.

Weird Thing 1
Brother Causticus, well-versed in Tallis and Palestrina and possessed of the belief that choral Evensong might well be Anglican Christianity’s most enduring gift to the world, nonetheless has been known to kick out the jams on the bass guitar with a monster R&B-inflected groove that has on occasion led his dear sisters in Christ to shake, shake, shake their collective wild thangs – in a most spiritually edifying manner, of course. Bishop Chane, BC awaits your call.

Weird Thing 2
Brother Causticus once owned and drove a Fiat 600.

Weird Thing 3
Brother Causticus discussed politics in many an undergraduate bull session with a current US presidential candidate who, even then, avers BC, demonstrated a marked propensity to seek common ground rather than partisan division.

Weird Thing 4
Brother Causticus can often be found in cheap Mexican joints, pursuing perfect carnitas and cold Negra Modelo.

Weird Thing 5
Brother Causticus does not watch television, not merely because it mostly offers pointless, numbing drivel, which, indeed, it does, but because his local cable company provides poor service at exorbitant prices. Despite shunning the lifeblood of American culture, BC is not entirely isolated and cannot help but wonder what is up with the whole Sanjaya thing, anyway?

Weird Thing 6
Brother Causticus has an innie.

For the next round of “Six Weird Things,” Brother Causticus tags Archbishop Peter Akinola, Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts-Schori, Canon Kendall Harmon -- BC can dream, can’t he? -- recent CANA convert Fr. Donald Armstrong, noted pro-thespian spokesman Tony Shalhoub, and Regent University Law School alumna Monica Goodling.