eBay Shall Not Splinter the Communion!

Brother Causticus notes with some asperity that what many regarded as the last, best hope for the Anglican Communion fell prey to neither the homosexualist apostates nor the parallel province property purloiners and their respective machinations, but rather a minion of the "Trust & Safety" apparatus of online auctioneer eBay who cited chapter and verse to pronounce an abomination BC's modest attempt to effect a rapprochement between the Archbishop of Canterbury and the American House of Bishops. BC thanks the magnanimous bidders who pledged to underwrite this essential conversation and avers that there is still much more that can - and will - be done. Offline even, if necessary. Courage!

(Note from Deacon Andrewes: Click the image to see BC's eBay listing and then thank St. Pat for having the foresight to save it.)