A Most Blessed and Holy Lent

Brother Causticus has been on retreat with the monks of The Order of the Holy Cross and his spiritual director, the Reverend Doctor Isaac Bickerstaff, late of the Church of Ireland. Nourished by the Daily Office and Benedictine hospitality, he is fully recovered from his ordeal in the desert. Thanks be to God!

Heeding the gentle admonition of the Reverend Bickerstaff, BC will fast from blogs (including his own) for this most blessed and holy season of Lent, whilst being mindful of the exemplary via media of his dear friend Deacon Thorndike Andrewes who, renouncing single malt for the duration, evinced his firm resolve "unless, of course, a finger or two is really needed." And so it is thus with BC, who urges his readers to join him and the Church in faith to watch and pray.

Resurrection is near.