T1:10 and the Steely-Eyed Via Media Honored

Brother Causticus thanks the former warden - and is there in our dear Church any title so happily-worn and hard-won as "former warden"? - at Episcopalooza for nominating this modest essay on things Anglican for "Best Religion Blog" in the Bloggers Choice Awards.

This site was inexplicably nominated for Best Religion Blog, leading Brother Causticus to re-double his fervent pleas to the Almighty that he be spared the sin of a haughty spirit that goeth before destruction.

An eschewal of even the hint of overweening pride would normally forestall BC from mentioning this worldly honor, but Deacon Andrewes has observed that certain blogs claiming amongst their readership vast legions of self-styled orthodox adherents - to say nothing of the much-touted tacit support of millions of African Anglicans - have garnered no votes whatsoever while T1:10 is, at the time of this posting, surging forward toward the dozen vote mark, speaking volumes, BC surmises with all humility, of the appeal of a gimlet-gazed via media committed to gently - when possible - noting that we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. (Rom 3:23, but BC's well-above-the-Episcopal-norm-of-Biblical-literacy readers knew that.)