From the Blackberry of

Deacon Thorndike Andrewes

-----------FoneCo SMS-------------------

kjs>wuz^. BC der?
dta>Ys - hes drivN
kjs> u drinkN agn?
kjs>d00d. tel d truf.
dta>wel mayB jst a kupl \_/s. bt dats nt Y bcS drivN.
kjs>Y den?
dta>sez heS on a mssn.
kjs>holE crp! nt 4 +++Cntr agn!
dta>nt sure. he sEz "pck d verge w'r outa hre. nuf S nuf."
kjs>thot he wz bZ prayN.
dta>wuz. sEz "dn prayN. tym 2 do."
kjs>do wht?
dta>dnt knw.
kjs> hes nt gunA tri 2 kik a lil (_(_) agn S he?
dta>wel uNo hw he gts sumtyms.
kjs>i no i no.
dta>w8. bc wnts me 2 gUgl map somit.
dta>Atwater CA
kjs> o dEr lrd, hlp!
dta> gt2go NOW. c u.