On eBay: A Favor for a Friend

Brother Causticus notes with some concern that Deacon Thorndike Andrewes has been acting oddly of late, quickly hiding parcels in his office - did one appear to contain emblazoned women's undergarments? - or hushing conversations with the president of the Ladies Charity Guild in the corridor when BC approaches, and now seems nowhere to be found, despite the nearness of Vespers. But no matter, as other considerations press. BC has been implored by one of his more august correspondents to offer once again an opportunity for his dear T1:10 readers to take up an eBay bidding ministry in pursuit of the greater Anglican good. BC commends for your consideration the following item:

An Evening (or Two) At Home for the Archbishop of Abuja

An update on Saturday, May 5:

Reports from the The Cecil D. Hylton Memorial Chapel and ChristianTM Event Center in Virginia indicate that ++Abuja is "in the house" (as one of BC's younger correspondents phrased it) and the installation of the Reverend Doctor Martyn Minns is in progress, thereby negating the necessity for this eBay listing at this time. The auction has been ended and "Item lost or broken" selected from the relevant eBay menu as the reason for its untimely demise.

A further note on typography:

BC, called upon to lead Terce whilst posting this update, quickly cut-and-pasted some errant text describing the Virginian venue and went to prayers. Returning, BC noticed a TM ostensibly misplaced in haste, but, upon further reflection, decided the Holy Spirit was indeed doing a new thing in North American Anglicanism, and will let it stand where it fell.