Traveling Mercies

London, England

Brother Causticus apologizes to his loyal readers for his silence of late. He has not, as you might surmise, been waiting patiently for Canon Kendall Harmon to respond to his "tag" in the diversion of Seven Things. Sadly, BC has long since abandoned hope on that score. Though BC has declared a plague on both houses in The Current Unpleasantness afflicting the Anglican Communion, he must note he is viewing with a certain reappraising favor the party of the homosexualist apostates, due to the prompt response of the Reverend Susan Russell, who got into the spirit of the thing with a gracious alacrity. While BC appreciates very much the virtues of theological rectitude, he prefers to see it coupled with a sense of play and was sorely disappointed that the good canon, with whom BC shares a common affection for certain Pauline passages, was unable to slip away from his Institute on Religion and Democracy taskmasters for a brief while to offer up his no doubt droll insights.

No, BC has been otherwise occupied with ecclesiastical skulduggery in the form of certain late-night calls from a Manhattan area code, a visit from man identifying himself only as "The Good Physician" who inoculated BC against various tropical ailments, and a remarkable rendezvous with a fearsome-miened fellow named Wing Ho behind an Armenian grocery store, where BC was presented with currency, airline tickets to London, and two custom-crafted verges he was charged with guarding unto death and beyond. A Lincoln Town Car with Nevada plates then whisked him off directly to the boarding ramp of a Virgin Airways transatlantic flight.

BC is now typing these lines from Heathrow, where he is awaiting further instructions. BC takes some small pride in knowing even the obscure nooks and crannies of the Ecclesia Anglicana, but he assures his dear readers he had no inkling the Church of England possesses an hidden VIP lounge in a major international airport that has a very fine offering of single-malt Scotch indeed.

Brother Causticus will report further as he is able in the days to come.