From Deacon Andrewes:
Downed Plane Found in Sahara

We have received word that Algerian army units have located the downed aircraft on which our verger Brother Causticus was traveling to the Primates Meeting in Tanzania. Although the Gulfstream G500 showed evidence of a "hard landing" it was intact and apparently sustained only moderate damage to its landing gear. No survivors or bodies have been found in the area. Algerian soldiers will continue to search, but a spokesman cautioned that even if passengers and crew survived the crash, "it would be a miracle for anyone to still be alive" who left the plane and attempted to walk to civilization.

Documents found in the plane indicate that passengers were a self-described group of "faithful moderates" who were attempting to mediate in an unofficial capacity between the increasingly polarized factions at the Primates Meeting. A handwritten note on the plane read "First, kill all the bloggers", but there is no evidence of foul play at this time.

Although chances of survival appear increasingly unlikely, we continue in prayer at St. Euphemesius-By-The-Freeway that all will be found and returned safely.