"Do You Have to Be So Mean?"
BC Reads Your ePistles

Brother Causticus is gratified to learn that his trifling pensees have attracted a readership among the more discerning denizens of the Anglican blogosphere and, while unable to answer all the private correspondence winging his way from outposts of the Communion, responds to some of the more provocative missives here with apologies for airing them in the open.

What's all the St. Euphemesius-By-The-Freeway stuff about? Why not just stick to the point?
"The point" is not commentary on current affairs at all. Notice the many links to fine forums where up-to-the-minute news and opinion can be found. BC cannot hope to -- and indeed has never had to the inclination to -- match their peerless pursuit of the of the latest quakes and quivers in the Ecclesia Anglicana. But BC believes the story is the Church and the Church is, above all, a story. Patience, gentle reader, as the story unfolds.

Have you even been saved?
BC assures you he has been saved, is being saved, and will be saved through the grace of Christ Jesus. He regards conversion as not a moment in time, but a manner of living.

Why do you hide behind a pseudonym? Why not tell us who you really are?
Because I "really" am Brother Causticus. You are, too, but I'm the one who lets him out to play. I'm also other things, but they're only distractions around here.

Why do you seem so down on bishops?
BC believes that God often brings us to correction by turning that which with we most identify into an instrument of reproof, thus Episcopalians are afflicted by bishops, Presbyterians suffer under the Presbytery, and Congregationalists must endure each other.

Do you have to be so mean? Can't you make your point in a more loving manner?